Wake Up America

By | June 4, 2018

So if many Americans, including Republicans and Democrats, fear our country is going the way of other great empires, what would it be like to live through such a decline?  Probably two coexisting fundamentals would be present.

  • An autocratic leader who consolidates power and truly believes they are above the law.
  • An ambivalent, docile populous (“like lambs to the slaughter”)

We all bear responsibility for ourselves, our family, and our country

Wake up America! 

Those of us who love our country, not because of the money we can make, but because it provides us freedom, stands for law and order, and justice for all, must now unite and speak up!

Channel your concerns for the common good! (Until Mueller has his say).

Remember, America is an experiment, and humanity is imperfect.

2 thoughts on “Wake Up America

  1. tracy bowens

    Spot on commentary on the two fundamentals required for a democratic society to collapse. Not much can be done about the first, for the moment, but the second is on us. If we say nothing, do nothing, we become a part of the problem. Silence is complicity, and far too many are complicit.

    1. Eric Liben MD Post author

      Thank you Tracy. It is up to all of us who want our country to live up to the principles of the Constitution of the United States in the provision of equal justice for all under the law to stand up and make our thoughts known. There is no good explanation or excuse for anyone to continue to sit by idly any longer. Change is made when people stand up and make their voices known.


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