The Best of Governing

By | January 22, 2019

There is a best way to do everything.  Best in the sense that it finds itself in balance with the laws of nature.

Getting to this can be hard, but it is always there.

Here is to finding the best way out of our current political situation and finally coming to terms with immigration.

It is unfortunate that our federal employees are being used as a pawn in this matter, but that is the way our system works.  At least they must use this opportunity to legislate for the good of us all.

All humans are fallible and everyone has some degree of prejudice.  It depends on how much and how you work through it.

Our policy makers are entrusted to perform their responsibilities for the best of our country.  Their mission is to find the best way to end the shutdown and create an immigration and security policy that we actually need.

Our hearts go out to all of our federal employees, and we expect all recompense due to them will be forthcoming.

One thought on “The Best of Governing

  1. Clifford J Scharman

    I feel the pain for the government workforce that is being played as a political pawn. I feel for the government contractor/employees who do not receive any press but may well exceed the number of direct government employees who have been held hostage in this childish political fight. It is shameful that our political leaders and the minority press in FNC are leading us down into a spiral that has no practical resolution through compromise unless it is Dreamers citizenship path for a wasteful physical barrier along our border. A solution that is not possible for the right as much as it is for the left.

    But what has been forgotten in this spiral downhill is the inexcusable separation of children from their parents at the border; and the lying to the public and then to A federal Judge is beyond the pale. I understand the ends hat this policy is designed to achieve but the means towards that end is simply unamerican and unchristian/unjudaic/unhamurrabi code that it is simply unacceptable. Lying to Congress and lying to a Federal Judge are simply unacceptable and truly worthy of an action that screams to be “locked up” even if it reaches the Secretary of Homeland Security. The chant of “Lock her up” is now a justifiable response to an Un American action.


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