It is too Expensive to Live Here

By | March 8, 2020

Why do we continue to allow corporate greed and the desire by the very rich to acquire more wealth to taint the political and moral fiber of our society. Human greed and capitalism make for dangerous partners. The actions of the wealthy are their business, and at some level it negatively affects them, but it becomes our concern when their actions negatively impact major parts of our populace.
Two current examples of this are the ridiculous costs of health care, and the stifling costs of getting a college education in this country.
Many colleges have endowments in the billions, and yet they ask for high tuition payments from our youth , which lenders charge higher interest rates. How do we justify an average 7% rate on college tuition interest rates, when the Federal Funds Rate is below 1%.  Sure many students default on their loans, but the fundamental problem is that getting a college education is just plain too expensive. And, college loans are unique in that they are typically never forgiven, and remain with the child for their lifetime unless paid off in full. We are forcing our children to go into huge debt, often without the financial ability to pay off their loans, and the “system”is profiting off of them. What negative effects do we do to them, and to our economy.

As the two Democratic candidates face off on these and other current and important issues, let’s see how willing they are to grapple with the particular issues that drove up the costs  in the first place.

Leadership and best solutions demand solving problems at their fundamental level. Vice President Biden, and Senator Sanders as well as those of us also old enough recognize that now is a very opportune time. Let future history books teach that after a one term presidency, at least Trump focused our attention and passion enough to enable solving many of our nation’s problems. It is one of the most important legacies  the elder generation can leave to our youth. Democrats please do not squander this opportunity, it just might be our last best chance.

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